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Bedbug dog featured on UNO TV, Strictly Business Magazine

Decoy, our bedbug-hunting dog, was featured in a recent edition of Strictly Business Magazine. Click here for more.

Pest Solutions 365 was featured on “Consider This”, recorded at UNO TV on May 29, 2014, at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

PS 365 owner Tom Sutko appeared on the show with Doug Gorham and his dog, Decoy. They described how Decoy has been trained and certified to detect bed bugs. Gorham also explained how using a bed bug-sniffing dog is faster and more accurate than an inspection by a human.

Sutko said the need for bed bug inspection and treatment has greatly increased over the past two years.  The list of top 15 cities for bed bug infestation shows movement from concentration on the East Coast to cities throughout the country.

Tips for avoiding bed bugs while traveling and signs of an infestation were also given on the show. They also described the heat treatment used by Pest Solutions 365 to kill bed bugs.

You can watch the show here or on YouTube.