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Our administrative staff

Our Administrative Staff

Ashley Sutko

Ashley Sutko
Customer Service Representative

Ashley Sutko joined TNT Termite and Pest Solutions 365 as a customer service representative in July 2013.

Ashley was born and raised in Omaha, and is a graduate of Roncalli High School.

Her hardworking mentality and positive presence has earned her a CNA license during her college years. Ashley has an outstanding ability to multi-task and is always found assisting others within TNT and Pest Solutions 365.

Outside of work, Ashley enjoys creating art and is specializing in calligraphy.

Mindy Dunn

Mindy Dunn

Acting as the interim office manager for the Pest Solutions 365 business, Mindy is primarily responsible for the reporting and controls of the AmeriSpec, TNT, Leapin Lizard Locksmith and Pest Solutions 365 businesses.

Mindy has more than 16 years of experience in accounting and working with customers.