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Integrated pest management

Integrated Pest Management keeps invaders away

Every home in the Midwest is open to attack from above, from below and by land by a motley assortment of tiny enemies.

All of Pest Solutions 365 pest control work is covered by warranty and performed by professional exterminators who are certified, bonded, insured and qualified to eradicate pests and termites from your home or business. Pest Solutions 365 professional exterminators undergo years of education and training, making them among the most qualified experts in pest control and termite control.

Quality Pro, the mark of excellence in pest managementAs a Quality Pro company, we have taken many steps to provide you with the highest quality service that’s also environmentally responsible. That’s why we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to solve your problem.

IPM removes the three key elements pests need to survive: food, water and shelter. By eliminating the sources of food, water and shelter, we correct the root cause of the problem and give you a longer-term solution in the least intrusive manner possible.

The IPM approach: Six basic steps

  1. Inspect the area.
  2. Identify the pest problem.
  3. Select control methods based on the size and type of the pest problem.
  4. Employ a combination of two or more control measures.
  5. Apply pesticides judiciously.
  6. Evaluate effectiveness.

Specific IPM actions include:

  • Structural repair and maintenance to exclude pests. For example, replacing a screen with holes or adding door and garage stops to keep pests from getting in.
  • Changing routines, such as properly storing garbage or moving a wood pile away from a house.
  • Precise pesticide applications. We can inject a non-volatile pesticidal gel into walls where pests have been detected.

Participation is the key to success. Our knowledge of pests and our experience managing them allows us to develop an effective IPM plan for you. But IPM is always more effective when your customers are actively involved. Your knowledge of your home and surroundings, your observance of pest problems and your cooperation with us will ensure that the IPM program successfully rids your home of pests in the most environmentally responsible way.