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Moths like to feed on wool and cashmere

Fabric pests such as clothes moths can sometimes cause irreparable damage to personal belongings.  These moths are able to digest animal hairs and feed on almost any item made of natural fibers, particularly wool and cashmere.

Emporer mothClothes moths are cream in color, with a tuft of red hair on the top of their head.

Getting rid of moths

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Some simple things can be done to slow the infestation of moths in your home:

  • Do not store boxes of clothes in the attic, garage or basement, if possible.
  • If clothing must be stored in boxes, thoroughly clean the boxes before storage and seal all corners/openings with tape.
  • Prior to storage, clean woolen and natural fiber clothing according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • In closets, store natural fiber clothing items by covering them with plastic covers.
  • Use mothballs to help deter fabric pests.