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Pill bugs

Pill bugs in house are sign of moisture problem

Pill bugs, also known as sowbugs or wood lice, are familiar backyard creepy crawlies to most of us. They are effective pests, since they have no specialized predators. There are 12 species of pill bugs found in the northern and central United States.

Pill bugPill bugs prefer dark and moist places to live, such as in soil or under rocks. When inside a house, they frequently die due to the lack of moisture. However, if they do thrive, there may be a serious moisture problem within the household.

Getting rid of pill bugs

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Some simple things can be done to slow the pill bug infestation in your home:

First, determine whether your house is conducive to a pill bug’s lifestyle. You may need to tidy up your home, or your home may have a moisture problem.

If these don’t apply, there are other options to get rid of pill bugs:

  • Remove all of the excess vegetation and debris from around your house to remove the food source.
  • Control with outdoor insecticide applications around the foundation of the building.
  • Apply insecticide in infested areas.